Family is a combination of husband, wife and children. Any problem in the family can cause by various ways. Husband is the head of the family and loaded carrier. God the Institution of home has committed the affairs of the family into the hands of the husband. Husband can be one of the causes of problems in any family. Husband can be a source of family problems in any of the following ways:

1. Selfish Ambition: Selfishness is an attitude that easily generates problems that can leads to unsolved crisis. Ambition of having all without care of wife and children can break the home apart. A selfish ambition of Abigail's husband caused David to planned destruction for the family. But the intervention of Abigail put an end to the problem.

2. Strongholds of Sin: The power of sin is a power that makes family swimming in problems. The sin of husband can make the whole family remain fruitless in anything they do. Sin has no respect of any person. Sin from head can easily flow down to the entire body. Sometimes, husband see themselves as head that nothing evil can comes through. To be sincere to ourselves, husband can be a cause of the larger part of family problems.

3. Oppressive Attitude: One of the attitude that husband possess is oppressive attitude on wife and children. Many husbands are oppressive to extend of turning their wife to slave. One thing that women hate in life is been treated as slave.

4. Authoritative Mentality: Authority is given to husband as head of the family is not to be an authoritarian on the wife. He was authorized to be the head of the family not a commander-in-chief. Many husbands are 100% expectation of anything they say to be done either by wife or children.

5. Lack of Care: Caring is the priority of a good husband in the family. Husband is in the position to take care of his family affairs. Lack of doing it is a way of generating serious problem to the family. Many husbands could not care for their family affairs in terms of finance, provision and taking care of wife health. Wife needs more caring from husband, but lack of proper caring for your wife can cause your wife to do the wrong thing that will disallow family peace.

6. Wrong views towards wife: Seeing one's wife as inferior to self is another avenue that cause problem in the family. Many homes that destroy today is result of seeing wife as inferior person. When you want to married your wife you see her superior in anything to you, but now you see it as another thing. All these can bring problems to the family.

7. Lack of Communication: Communication is a power that makes husband and wife understanding their self. When husband could not communicate her wife on certain issue of the family may result to problems. Husband is in position to communicate with his wife on daily basis to know the real things about the family affairs. Husband should be fully ready to make things know to his wife when anything negative happens. Husband should not waited till something happens when they will make the truth known to the family especially wife.

8. Having No Time for Family: There is time for every activity under heaven, says the Holy Bible. Out of 24hours given to everyman daily, there is a specific period meant for husband to relate with his family. Many husband take work as number one thing in life, mind you is not so. God is the first, then your family. If you don't spend more time with your wife and children you will surely spend more times to confronting problems and crisis in your family.

9. Taking One's wife for granted: You married your wife in order to have communal relationship. Your best friend is your wife, the way you take care of her is the way you will enjoying her. If you fail to take care of our wife, somebody else will take care of her; and this can leads to problem that would not be solved.

10. Not accepting fault: In the family statistic, 75% husbands are not accepting their wrong doings. Instead to accept and has for pardon they prefer to blame their wife for it. Husband that refuse to accept his fault will surely accept the consequence when the times come. Blaming wife or children for any wrong doing you make in the family will not only injure you but also damage the heart of love that your wife has towards you.

Problem can cause by anyone, but woe to anyone that refuse to take the necessary steps that will solve the problems. Husband must serve as a problem solve and not a problem producer. The best quality of a good husband is ability to solve problem and keep him away from anything that can cause problem to his family at any given time.